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August 03, 2009


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Hello again, Hermit!

This is where I have a slight disagreement with you, Hermit. I enthusiastically agree with virtually everything Bill Maher says on his terrific HBO show 'Real Time'. IMO, he is a sharp & well prepared interviewer. The guests are usually extraordinarily erudite and articulate (with a few exceptions e.g., John Bolton, our former U.N. Ambassador), while the debates are always lively and interesting. And Bill Maher is a great comedian! Thx for the You Tube clip; I always look forward to Bill's educational and scathing "editorial" at the end of the "New Rules" segment of the show. This past Friday-8/7, he gave numerous examples of the stupidity of this nation (18% of Americans still think the Sun revolves around the Earth!)

I had the privilege of observing him debate the rabid lunatic Ann Coulter at Radio City some months ago. You probably read the post already on my blog, but for other interested folks, here is the link--


Another of my favorite political satirists is Jon Stewart. His 'Daily Show' http://www.thedailyshow.com/ is a 'fake news' production that contains more actual news and well researched opinion than most of the putative "real news" programs on the networks and cable.

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