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August 16, 2009


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Welcome to my world, Hermie.

MMMMM, MMMMM, good. Can I have some syrup with that?

Coz, I suspect you don't take me seriously and I'm a little concerned you even noticed anything else with Markie Post on the screen in the other post. I'm gonna post a pic of your ass in a "cub" section.

Veronica, lol!!! I guess it's unavoidable to see some bear ass in your line of work. However, I'm sure you do get hold of a nice one now and then.

Actually, yes, I do.

I am interested in starting a retail business where the customer
selects a stuffed animal and then stuffs it on site. I would like to
know where I can buy unstuffed bears, other unstuffed animals and
stuffed animal clothing at wholesale prices preferrably from an
overseas supplier. Please provide at least 6 wholesalers/manufacturers.

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