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July 12, 2009


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Not exactly the same thing but I see your point. I happen to agree with O'Reilly that the MJ coverage has gotten out of hand given his very controversial background and the serious accusations against him. O'Reilly has never been accused of raping anyone, was he?

Well, the point is he was sued for sexual harassment by Andea Mackris
and it was settled out of court.


There was also another woman, Wendy something and that went away quickly.

They both were never convicted yet one is labeled and one gets off with hardly any coverage.

Personally I hope Jackson is up in heaven on a soft cloud with a dozen blond teenage boys.

PS Do you still have your Risk membership? I've been smacking everybody up.

Yeah I still have it I think. I've been swamped lately with kids, work and vacations! Besides, as ruler of the free world and winner of four in a row, I can't be bothered with small and inferior dictators who harbor delusions about capturing my thrown. These little people have no idea what it's like to be king and a conqueror of billions. I answer to no one but the people I serve and protect as their almighty lord and protector.

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