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August 02, 2008


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Actually the scientific papers that argue no danger were created by CERN employees and approved by CERN's board.

A number of PHD level scientists have expressed concern. Most notably Professor Otto Rossler calculates that if the Large Hadron Collider creates micro black holes they will destroy the planet in 50 months to 50 years.


Now I'm officially freaked out having read a bit more about Professor Rossler.

Thanks Hermit for making me aware of something so potentially devastating that I have no power to change.

Bring it!!!! I will be embraced in the warm bosom of the sweet virgin in the pearly gates. I rather it happen now since I have such debt.

Actually a PhD/ Military Junta leader - Marvin Da Martian - is behind all this according to intelligence.

Yes Yes! Word is he will install the "explosive space modulater" in it.

From the official website:

"Geneva, 7 August 2008. CERN1 has today announced that the first attempt to circulate a beam in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be made on 10 September. This news comes as the cool down phase of commissioning CERN’s new particle accelerator reaches a successful conclusion. Television coverage of the start-up will be made available through Eurovision."

---I wonder if it will be televised here in the states? Probably not, we have to watch American Idol that night.

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