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July 08, 2008


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Great post, couldn't agree more. Although I wouldn't kick either out of be and either would you.

Leo, good to hear from you, how ya been? I gotta say though, I think I really might kick Hogan's kid out of bed, I don't think she would smell right.

Ariel is smoking hot! And sweet as pie!!!!

Yes Ariel is a hottie for sure. And unlike Brooke, she seems like she's somewhat intelligent and personable too.

Ariel looks foxy! I hope we get to see her in big movies sometime soon

And to your point about Piper, he was the only reason I stayed into wrestling as long as I did. Here he calls Salvatore Bellomo a dumb wap. Can you even say that on television nowadays?


Ariel is hot, I would screw her in a heartbeat. I'd have to be blackout drunk to touch Hogan.

You mean you'd go straight for her, RLS?

To Hermit: I guess your mother didn't teach you to respect women you worthless piece of trash. You lower yourself to Hogan's level with your comments which may be on the money. Not knowing either Lady I would venture to say that the children in the Hogan family have not had a great example of moral values and moderation. I have been a fan in long standing of Roddy and Hulk. Mr Piper's daughter is stunning and I'm sure that he is proud of her. So to call her a piece of *** is very disrespectful on your part. Shame on you!!!

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