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April 23, 2008


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I take offense to the line on Rachel's trashy Sicilian background. Also, it's hard enough for a heavy person, yet along a heavy female, to make it in the shallow world of "show business." She has a right to make as much money as she can - I say good for her! Rachel is the type of chick that will cook you a nice meal and "relieve" you afterwards. Giada would never do such as thing. She is too pretty and "classy." I'm suprised you of all people wouldn't pull for the underdog here. Shame on you. RETARD.

Rachel is an overblown annoyance pig. What makes you think she'd be a good lay? What makes you think she even shuts up long enough to screw her husband? And when she does screw, she would probably be too rough and scratch your johnson in her effort to get you to cum in 30 minutes.

The meals she cooks are crap too. Prepared in a rush so the idiots can finish it in time to watch American Idol. Giada on the other hand prepares food that is supposed to be enjoyed as a delight to the senses, not scarfed down.

Rachel Ray is typical of stupid Americana. She's gimmicky, loud but of little substance.

I'd like to go to Ray's kitchen amd knock her upside the head with a frying pan,

I personally prefer The Two Fat Ladies, two epicurious British ladies who didn't even turn the gas on until a half stick of butter was involved. Great cooks, and fat, which lends a bit of credibility to their craft. One did die of a heartattack. I am definitely becoming a chubby chaser. I wish oprah would endorse getting me blow jobs. Just my thoughts.

Yes I think I know these two. However I think I remember them cooking up meals that just seemed way too heavy. The kind of stuff that will pretty much knock you out for the night.

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